Protect your gaming business

Playervis protects your gaming business

Playervis (short for 'player visibility') is an innovative platform developed specifically to help gambling operators fulfill their safer gaming commitments.

  • Save time and effort in tracking problem gambling.
  • Designed for compliance with UK regulatory requirements.
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • Take pressure off hard-working compliance staff.

Be ahead of the game on safer gaming compliance

Playervis is a software platform which enables you to track and monitor signs of problem gambling.
The software has been carefully designed to meet the needs of safer gaming teams, as well as following the latest guidance from the UK Gambling Commission.
Playervis will give you peace of mind that your team is following best practice in monitoring and recording customer interactions.

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Benefits of using Playervis


Playervis provides industry-standard markers of harm to detect potential problem behaviour.


Keep a record of all interactions with customers for full compliance.


Player behaviour is clearly summarised using dynamic charts. Reports can show specific player activity.


All activity is logged and stored internally for full visibility of activity undertaken to promote player safety.


Playervis allows you to co-ordinate activity between your safer gaming professionals.

Demonstrate compliance

Easy to run reports to demonstrate positive actions to promote player safety.

Build a fair and safe gambling culture.

"Player protection must be embedded in the DNA of your operations"

UK Gambling Commission, Compliance Webinar, 2019

Peace of mind

Reduce compliance risk

Playervis has been designed with respect to the official guidelines from the UK Gambling Commission.

  • Identify - Interact - Evaluate - Playervis has been designed to support the UK Gambling Commission's Social Responsibility guidance on customer interactions.
  • Retaining evidence - All player interactions are recorded in one place – should the Operator require evidence of interactions, then they can be produced with one click.
  • Audit trails - A detailed audit log is retained for full accountability, so that it is clear what actions were taken, when they were taken and why.
  • Remaining compliant - Existing systems can call out to Playervis to ensure that customer outreach remains compliant.

Perfect for small and medium sized operators

Playervis is perfect for operators aiming to improve their responsible gambling provision.


* What is Playervis?

Playervis (short for 'Player Visibility') is a web-based application designed from the ground up to enable safer gaming teams to manage their player protection commitments.
Playervis is designed to be a hub for all of the operator's responsible gaming activity.

* How does Playervis work?

Player data is fed into Playervis at regular intervals. This data can include summaries of bet activity, account deposits, withdrawals, and interactions between the customer and the operator.
Playervis collates all this data and makes it easier for trained staff to make decisions on customer interaction.

* How does Playervis support responsible gambling standards?

Teams can respond to triggers, and set up tasks for future action.
All activity is recorded so that evidence of activity can be provided to regulatory bodies.

* How easy is it to integrate?

Playervis has been designed to be easy to integrate with existing systems. Data can be sent quickly and reliably as bulk uploads via a straightforward API.