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The UK Gambling Commission has defined regulatory responsibilities for all remote licensees, which define when and how licensees should interact with their customers.

The changes come into force on October 31st 2019, and will significantly alter the manner in which gambling operators conduct customer interactions.

This guidance is structured along the three key outcomes operators will be expected to meet: identify, interact & evaluate.

Playervis is designed to help Operators to fulfill these additional regulatory commitments.

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The Gambling Commission expects Operators to monitor customers for signs of harm. The formal guidance defines the monitoring activity which Operators are required to perform.

The guidance includes the following actions:

  • Monitor customer activity so that you are able to interact early and quickly.
  • Invest in systems and staff to manage your customer interaction process effectively.
  • Put together what you know about the customer, with the relevant indicators of harm, to decide whether you need to interact.
The right information can mean better and quicker decisions. You should aim to integrate your systems so that staff have a more complete picture of the customer’s activity, and this includes records of previous customer interactions. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s2.16)

Playervis makes it easier to identify at-risk customers

Player Dashboards allow you to see a summary of Player activity, over various time-frames.
This means that Responsible Gambling professionals can see a snapshot of Player behaviour as it changes over time.

It's critical to be able to see how gaming patterns change over time. Playervis provides detailed graphical views, which can bring all related player protection data into one central repository.

  • View all relevant Player Protection data in one place.
  • Import and view Trigger instances from your existing systems.
  • Review how a Player's betting patterns have changed over time.

Working with Triggers

You need to put together what you know about the customer, with the relevant indicators of harm, to decide whether you need to interact. More knowledge about what to look for, with effective processes for monitoring customer behaviour, can mean quicker and better-informed decisions. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s2.2)

Review Trigger events

Playervis allows you to import triggers and alerts from your existing Player Protection systems.
This means that Responsible Gambling teams can review a historical summary of potentially harmful behaviour in one place.

Trigger activity can be viewed in a timeline, along with any interactions with the Player, and with other relevant information.


Operators are required to interact with any customers whom they expect may be at risk of experiencing harm.
Interacting early may make a difference and prevent the customer from developing harmful behaviours.

The Gambling Commission's guidance includes the following actions:

  • Be curious, and act on any suspicious or harmful behaviour.
  • Tailor your interaction based on the extent of potential harm.
  • Trial and adapt different approaches to customer interaction.

Recording interactions

Good record keeping allows you to demonstrate when and why you have interacted with customers, and helps with ongoing monitoring of customers. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s3.17)

Playervis allows you to record interactions and outcomes

Interactions can be imported from an external system, or can be recorded in Playervis.

  • Interactions can be recorded quickly via a simple form.
  • An audit trail is maintained - the Interaction and the reporter are recorded.
  • Interactions can be later compared with any changes in customer behaviour.


The Gambling Commission emphasises that interactions with customers need to be monitored and evaluated in order to understand the effectiveness of the interaction.

It is important to understand and measure your approach so that the effectiveness of different approaches can be understood.

The Gambling Commission expects that Operators will do the following:

  • Understand the impact of individual interactions on a consumer's behaviour.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your approach by trialling and measuring impact.

Playervis can help track the effectiveness of interactions

Interactions can be imported from an external system, or can be recorded in Playervis.

This means that it is easy for Safer Gambling professionals to compare details of the Interaction, and any subsequent behaviour changes.

  • Interactions can be linked to a source event, such as a Trigger.
  • Subsequent Player behaviour can be observed to detect any changes.
  • All details relating to the Interaction are logged, making it easy to audit.

Follow up with customers

Not every customer who receives an interaction will require active follow up, but many will. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s4.3)

Create tasks to stay on top of customer follow-up

The Gambling Commission emphasises that Interactions should be an ongoing process.
Customers may need repeated interaction before positive behaviour change can be established.

  • Playervis allows Team Members to create Tasks, reminding them to follow-up.
  • Task creation and follow-up is maintained in the audit log.
  • It is easy to demonstrate a coherent policy of interaction with the customer.

Monitor the customer's ongoing behaviour

In some cases, you will need to monitor the customer’s gambling to spot behaviours which could indicate further harm. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s3.20)

Use Watchlists to keep track of player behaviour

Effective Interactions require monitoring the player's behaviour over time.
Playervis incorporates Watchlists to allow Team Members to keep an active list of customers under review.

  • Each Team Member can have their own Watchlist.
  • Watchlists can be used in conjunction with Tasks to stay on top of ongoing Interactions.

Effective record keeping

Records of interactions provide useful evidence of what types of indicators, methods of interacting and options for support work well for customers. They will help to inform an evaluation of the effectiveness of your overall approach to customer interaction. Social Responsibility Code 3.4.1 (s4.7)

Audit logs keep a definitive record of Interactions

In keeping with the "show, don't tell" framework adopted by the UK Gambling Commission, Playervis keeps an audit log of all events relating to Player Protection.

Audit logs will include interactions, triggers, tasks, imports etc.

The logs can be used for reporting purposes, as well as for internal audit. For example, understanding whether one interaction approach is better than others.

  • Audit log events are created automatically by Playervis.
  • Playervis makes it easy to export interactions, which can be used for reporting back to the regulator.


Playervis receives exports from your existing applications, such as CRM, Player Tracking, and Player Management systems.
Data is imported via a batch process, and uses summary or snapshot data, to avoid excessive data overheads.

Playervis uses a well-defined and efficient API to enable Operators to easily integrate from a wide variety of platforms.